Independence & Embracing Change

Monday, 25 July 2016

Being independent is one of those life skills that is either easy to grasp or at times difficult. To me personally it isn't about taking control over your life, seeing as you could do that at any given moment. Its allowing yourself to take those small steps towards accomplishing your goals and ensuring you are happy. Simple? Not exactly.

Independence comes with acceptance. Ignore your inner critic, learn to accept your surroundings and celebrate your strengths. I appreciate this probably isn't the most straightforward of things to do and will take time but it will have its results and they will show. Acceptance is something I struggle with myself, especially when you feel there are others around you who are leading more successful and exciting lives than you are. It doesn't matter how many times someone will tell me they are proud of what I am doing, I wont ever accept what they are trying to tell me. Quite unfair on myself and my mood really but acceptance and everything else along with that are things I can change. If I want to be successful like others I need to work hard and be motivated into achieving my goals, knowing that I am doing just fine.

Risk taking. For me risk taking meant doing something out of the ordinary or something which I was scared to do. Silly decisions like deciding to go out with friends will always be categorised as risk taking. You can tell just how seriously I take life when these are hardly life changing decisions, but I admittedly have always been too scared to push the boat out and socialise with people other than my brother and partner. I guess thats being independent as I tend to allow people to make decisions on my behalf, not because I'm lazy but purely because its a lot easier for me.

Embracing change is another one of the many things I struggle with, whether it be at work, home or university I've never really liked it. It damage emotions and put you in an uncomfortable position.
Reflecting on that change I have found helps a lot - think of the benefits it brings to your life and deal with it. You cannot change change. Ive found it so much easier to motivate myself when going through periods of change - so I guess sometimes theres nothing better than just to sit and do nothing, like I said, take the time to reflect. Change can have a positive impact upon your life - it may not be instant but its one of those crucial survival skills which you will look back on later in life and be thankful for. You know how to move forward and won't ever be so exposed and unsettled with change again. Well you will be prepared for it at least.

Another series of what  I would call 'Brogans Words of Wisdom'.

Thank you for reading 

BroganRose. x

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  1. I am the exact the same, I class minor decisions as a big risk because I over think things too much, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I defo need to improve on this though x


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